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oakley sunglasses outlet sale than the Chanel No.5. Miss Chanel's own words: 'This is what I want, a very different from the past, a woman's fragrance, a fragrant smell, unforgettable perfume.' Perfectionist Ernest Beaux, and Miss Chanel Together to create a No.5, he believes that the smell of this perfume from Miss Chanel Miss lost lover Arthur Capel's remembrance, and this 'eternal water' has become her own personal gifts. At the same time, Miss Chanel is working with the composer Stravinsky fell in love, the feelings between the artists may also inspire the inspiration of Miss Chanel. However, the separation of two people can see Miss Chanel is different. When Chanel and Stravinsky want to go to the artist with the party, Stravinsky said Chanel is not an artist, just a shop. Chanel decided to leave Stravinsky, never look back. In fact Chanel No. 5 is such a taste, not jasmine, not roses, not cloves, it belongs to the taste of a woman. Another person who has to mention the fifth perfume is Monroe, and in 1954, when Marilyn Monroe was asked discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet can be divided into the following three stages: Top notes, is the first to disclose a bottle of perfume information, that is, when contact with this Perfume a few minutes when the most felt. Top notes are generally distributed by the volatile essential oils, floral or citrus ingredients taste, in fact, not a bottle of perfume the real taste. In tune, is the most important part of the perfume, perfume is the core, when you sprinkle perfume, is to modulate people, usually by a special floral, woody, and trace irritation incense made of spicy. Can be maintained a few smallTime. Tail tune, that is, we usually say the fragrance. Is a trace of animal flavors and cedar, sandalwood and other aromatic resin. The fragrance of this stage the longest duration, but also the ultimate perfume production, but only trace of the smell. Only a good perfume will be in the tail tone also makes people feel. Different before and after the end of the tune also formed such a colorful perfume type. - the most story of Chanel No.5 The most story of perfume oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet you can put his boots, he will consume 60 bottles per month. According to him, perfume can stimulate his brain and keep him cool. Napoleon and the Queen's communication letter also wrote - 'Honey, do not take a bath, I will come back as soon as possible, about 8 days.' Although each interpretation of this sentence are different, some people think that Napoleon likes the Queen The natural aroma of the body, some people think that Napoleon is afraid of the Queen to take their own bath with the cologne. But one thing is certain, perfume in the hearts of Napoleon's position is unimaginable. - Hepburn and Givenchy taboo With a touching story of the most obsessed with perfume, Givenchy taboo perfume is one of them. Givenchy taboo perfume is Givenchy specifically for Audrey Hepburn tailor-made perfume, in Audrey Hepburn private use for three years before put on the market. The original intention of the taboo is this Audrey Hepburn perfume is exclusive, others can not be used. Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn's oakley sunglasses factory outlet

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